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Prismatic Exploration 1
Transitory Sea 3
From the Ashes
Ocean Blues - Triptych
Mineral Green
Sound Waves of the Forest
8:06 P.M.


The Solace of Space series was inspired by my need to explore alternative creative ways to present my photographic works. My first piece was recreated from a seascape photo that I had made decades earlier. I started experimenting with all of the various aspects of the image— the colors, the light. the textures, the movement, and became very excited as the process evolved and revealed the hidden magic in the photo to me. I found motion and movement within this picture that I hadn't seen before. Colors presented themselves in ways that the original seascape had only hinted at. The image directed me to create, not the other way around, just as a woodworker discovers the life and movement hidden in a simple block of wood.

After that first photographic experiment, I began to explore other earlier images in my repertoire — landscapes, city-scapes, and seascapes. Eventually, I took the experiment on the road, trying out various ways of capturing exciting movement and color aspects as the photograph was being created. Like a mad scientist, I brought these images back to my lab to recreate them and bring them new life.


The Solace of Space creative series is an ongoing and ever evolving process. No two images are made using the exact same techniques, making each one unique and compelling in its own right.


In order to present the Solace of Space collection to you in a user-friendly format that makes it easily accessible for a variety of different purposes, I have organized the images into categories by mood, shape, and color. Use these tools to help you discover the right pieces to fit your particular environment and design needs.


The Solace of Space collection Limited Edition and Open Edition prints are available in multiple sizes. All fine art prints are printed by the artist in a controlled environment using archival pigment inks and only the highest quality, acid-free, 100% cotton rag, fine art papers. Limited Edition prints are all signed, numbered, dated, and blind-embossed with the artist's logo, and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

Solace of Space fine art prints can be found in a number of corporate and personal collections throughout the United States and internationally.

Enjoy your journey as you explore and discover the Solace of Space collection.






Cool / 380–495 NM

Mid / 495–590 NM

Hot / 590–750 NM

Full / 380–750 NM





Diptychs/ Triptychs

The Monochrome Collection

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